HOALA is the first to provide specialized training in advertising, design and creativity, exclusively to communication professionals. An international and high-quality training, carefully curated to be exclusive but affordable. All of these attributes allow HOALA to offer something completely new in the segment of communication training.
Executive master courses, inspirational workshops and in-house training are only a few of the possibilities that HOALA offers for your professional development.


HOALA means “wake up!” in Hawaiian. Hawaii is famous for its tropical beauty, but it also harbours great inner energy because of its 5 volcanoes. HOALA wakes up the volcano that is inside every one of us, being the trigger to inspire and stimulate professionals, allowing them to erupt like a volcano does.
At HOALA tons of new things and thoughts can be listened, the knowledge is shared and experienced with the best ones, in order to evolve and improve the professional capabilities of all the attendees.


Professionals, freelancers and people with experience in communication, advertising, marketing, design, creativity, digital media, innovation and technology.

- Specialized content focused on the professional’s day-to-day needs: usually, training is not adapted to the day-to-day needs of professionals, that’s why the content that HOALA offers is practical and useful for the day-to-day.
- High quality training: at HOALA we invest heavily to be able to offer an outstanding training. That is the reason why we only offer programs with a world class lecturers and contents.
- Affordable price: finally a high quality professional training in reach of everyone because HOALA is the first in offering the highest standards with the lowest prices. Because we think the world should have access to high quality training only focused on professionals.
- We don’t have teachers, we have active professionals who collaborate with us. So all the lecturers are in constant contact with real clients and assignments, so they can provide a real and contemporary vision of the profession.
- Every lecturer of HOALA is carefully selected and recognized as one of the most outstanding professionals in his field, we can proudly say that they are the best in the world.
- International professionals in every program, with different point of views and experiences that will be shared with you in order that you get different inputs about how they work in their different countries and agencies and what their different approaches and business models are.
- Exclusivity through reduced groups. Never more than 15 people, that allows us to offer a tailored and personalized training: proximity, interaction and participation between the lecturer and the attendees.
- The attendees learn and share their knowledge and experience: the professional environment allows the debate and the exchange of experiences and opinions, which undoubtedly makes the experience much more enriching.
- The attendees will boost their professional careers: after the acquired knowledge, you will have a big specialized knowledge on the subject and you will also get a set of tools that will improve the efficiency of your daily work, strengthening your professional progress and evolution.
- At HOALA you will find a good atmosphere, a relaxed environment that takes care for the details. A place that strengthens participants’ network, and allows new collaborations to form.
- Executive programs: a schedule compatible with your work calendar, in order to make this experience something that you can enjoy while you deal with your professional responsibilities.
- No-interest financing: flexibility and adaptation to every case.