With Tobias Nordstrom, Head of Planning at Oatly.

Online Masterclass
22nd & 29th of April, 2021.

Description of the masterclass:

Join us in this two-session online masterclass about one of the hottest topics in the industry by the hand of one of the most awarded and respected planners in the world.

Tobias Nordstrom, former Head of Planning of the mythical Forsman&Bodenfors and Cannes Lions´ Creative Effectiveness Gran Prix winner with Volvo Trucks, will talk about the role of a strategist on the client side through the Oatly case, one of the most attractive and successful brands right now.

During the two sessions, we will reflect on how a planner can contribute inside the brand´s organization and what are the differences between the role a planner at the agency and the client side. Tobias will share processes, nuances, methods, benefits and downsides of his role as well as how he found his own contribution to be more impactful and decisive throughout the entire organization.

Finally, we will explore in how to break silo situations, how to balance the short and the long term tensions, how to reach beyond marketing campaigns and advertising and, last but not least, how to make the entire company think more strategically.

TOBIAS NORDSTROM, Head of planning Oatly.

22nd & 29th of April, 2021.
17:00-19.30 CET.
Limited seats.

PRICE: 300 €.

For more information: amsterdam@hoala.eu