Shari Reichenberg

Shari Reichenberg

Shari Reichenberg

Executive Strategy Director and Partner at Prophet, New York.


As an integrated marketing executive who thrives at the intersection of creativity, data and technology, I've led teams to solve big business and brand problems from both the marketing agency and the strategy consultancy sides of the world.

I'm a strategic leader, mixing left- and right-brain thinking to find patterns that bridge the rational and the imaginative. I'm an operational leader, leveraging my ability to integrate and organize the many skill sets and capabilities necessary in today's marketing world. I'm a talent leader, by both example and through management, mentorship and sponsorship.

I've built strong relationships with C-level clients and boards across industries, for whom I help conceive and operationalize data-inspired, creative ideas that drive measurable customer acquisition and retention and enhance brand love.

Day-to-day, I lead teams across marketing disciplines such as engagement and brand planning, content and social, marketing analytics and technology, and media platforms for our clients. I also manage a 45+ person Engagement Planning team and oversee strategy for a ~$60m portfolio of B2C and B2B clients.

I'm also passionate about the startup space, having been an equity advisor to startups and accelerator programs, and am always interested in collaborating on new ideas.
You can meet her at Professional Master Course in Account Planning in Amsterdam.
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