Santiago Lucero

Santiago Lucero

Santiago Lucero

Head of Creative Shop South Cone en Facebook.


Puedes leer todo su curriculum o te lo podemos resumir: es un auténtico crack!

Advertising licentiate at the F.A.E.C. He began his career at Saul Altheim first as an account assistant, and later as an Account executive for Unilever. Afterwards he worked at the kids TV channel, BIG CHANNEL, as manager of the promotions department.In 1996 he decided to leave in pursuit of a more creative career.

In the same year he was hired by Agulla & Baccetti as a copywriter, where he worked for a year and a half for clients including Itau Bank, Channel 9, Telecom, Renault, etc…

In 1997 he was hired by Young & Rubicam, where he worked as a senior copywriter for more than a year. Over this period of time he worked on clients such as: Suchard (Milka), Apertura Magazine, Disco Supermarkets and Chanel 13.

In 1998 he returned to Agulla & Baccetti where he became very successful in his job as a senior creative copywriter/CD.

Their most important works were:
"Gueropa" y "Nonono" for Renault Clio/MTV; "Baby" for Telecom; "Meteorito" for Arnet, “Trilogy” (Lázaro, María Magdalena y Pilatos) also for Renault Clio, ¨Espy ¨ for Sanyo, y ¨Cucaracha¨ para MTV

These campaigns made him very well known not only in the local market, but in the regional one. Santi picked up several national and international awards.

In September of 2001 he was approached by JWT Buenos Aires to join as a Creative Director. In this period he pitched and won several clients such as Aerolineas Argentinas, Iguana Beer, North Beer, Palermo Beer, Mercado Magazine and AOL. In his first year at JWT Buenos Aries the agency moved up from number 14 position on most awarded agencies ranking, to number 4. Globally the agency went from number 20, to number 11.

So in 2004 he was promoted to Overall Creative Director, and he became founder and Executive creative director of THE HOTEL, a regional creative HUB based in Buenos Aries.

During that period he worked on every JWT Regional brand. After 2 years in this position, JWT Latam become for the very first time in it´s history, the most creative network in the region.

In July 2006 he joined Madre Buenos Aires (Mother) when it started up, as ECD. There he was responsible for clients such as Banco Hipotecario, Nike Latam, Coca Cola for the Hispanic Market in the USA, DELL computers for USA general market, Natura Cosmetic Brazil, Camper Worldwide, etc…

In February 2008, he moved to Madrid to work as the ECD of Publicis Madrid, where his responsibility was to lead clients creatively, namely Renault worldwide, Movistar Spain, Fagor, San Miguel Beer, Beefeater, Ballantine´s, Carrefour, etc….He won several awards and pitched and won new clients such as (Carrefour, Movistar Spain, and San Miguel Beer).

In March 2011 he joined Fallon London as Creative Partner and ECD. He works on brands such as Cadbury Global, Nokia Global, Orange UK, Eurostar, Skoda UK and Europe Markets, AXA; Abu Dhabi Bank, etc…

He is also a named member of the Worldwide Creative Board at Saatchi & Saatchi, and was promoted to Global Creative Director for Cadbury. In his time at Fallon he has pitched and won clients such as MIKADO for the European Market, Giff Gaff UK and Scottish Power. He has made a huge impact on the agency, rejuvenating the creative department and helping to rebuild the agency.

Gold pencil ARGENTINA: “Quilmes Barrera” (tv) “Renault Scenic Bata” (tv) “Radio Banco Itau” “Telecom Bebe” (tv) “MeÌto”/Shell (tv) “Historia”/ AerolÌneas Argentinas (tv) “Sopa de letras” para Knorr argentina

Platinum Pencil ARGENTINA: “Telecom Bebe” (tv) “Radio Banco Itau”

MARTIN FIERRO (chosen for the Argentinian journalist association): “Telecom Baby” (tv) ¨Letter soup¨ (tv)

Argentinian Creative Circle:
GOLD: “Gueropa” for Clio MTV (1999) ¨History ¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2002) ¨Paris and Rome ¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2003) ¨Shadows¨ for Aerolineas Argentinas (2004)

RADIO BUREAU: Grand Prix Radio for ITAU Bank

With regards to the International Awards the most important are:

“Gueropa” for Clio MTV (1999)
¨Shadows¨ for Aerolineas Argentinas (2004)
¨Paris and Rome¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2003)
“Puppet” for LatinSpots Magazine (2005)
¨Pierce Brossman¨for Vision Lab (2009)
“Surgery” for NIKE LATAM (2007)
¨Shadows¨ for Aerolineas Argentinas (2004)
¨Rome¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2003)
“Gueropa” for Clio MTV (1999)
¨Paris¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2003)
“Gueropa” for Clio MTV (1999)
“Rome” for Aerolineas Argentinas” (2005)
“Kindergarden” for Sedal (2006)
“Clavel” for Telecom institutional (1999)
“Gueropa” for Clio MTV (1999)
“Radio Itau Bank” (1997)
¨ Paris and Rome ¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2003)
¨Shadows¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2004)
“Letter soup” for Knorr Argentinan ( 2005)
“Surgery” for Nike Latinoamérica (2007)
“Gauchos” for Fernet 1882 (2007)
“Borges” for AerolÌneas Argentinas (2002) (Print)
¨Bellies¨ para Buscapina (2003)
“Pool” for AerolÌneas Argentinas (2202) (Print)
¨Shirts¨ for Revista Mercado (Print)
2003¨Paris ¨ and ¨Rome¨ for Aerolíneas Argentinas are choosen between the 100 better spots in the world
2007 “Surgery” for NIKE LATAM is choosen between the 10 better spots in the world
OJO DE IBEROAMERICA: Bronze as regional campaing. Paris and Rome for Aerolineas Argentinas (2003). Gold for Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas as best argentinian spot (2004). Gold for Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas as best Latin American spot (2004) . Gold for Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas as best spot , chosen for the seminarists (Mark Waites, Adrian Holmes y Neil French) (2004). Grand Prix for Shadows for Aerolíneas Argentinas (2004). Gold for Surgery for Nike Latam as best marketing integrated case (2007). Gold for Surgery for Nike Latam (2007). Gold for Gauchos for Fernet 1882.
Gold for Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas (2004)
Silver for Bellies Buscapina (2005)
Grand Prix (radio) for Sky for La Campagnola (2006)
Gold for Surgery for Nike Latam (2007)
Gold for Gauchos for Fernet 1882 (2007)
Silver for Associations, for Carrefour (2009)
Gold for Olimpics Games, for Cadena SER Radio Station (2009)
Grand Prix (radio) for Olimpics Games, for Cadena SER Radio Station (2009)
Silver for Piñata, for Cerveza San Miguel (2010)
Silver for long text (print) for Renault (2010)
Silver for Gatitos, for Cerveza Mixta (2010)
Gold for Retired for Renault (2010)
Gold (radio) for Pymes, for for Cadena SER Radio Station (2010)
LIA (London International award): Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas(2004). Letter Soup for Knorr(2004). Office for Mercado Magazine(2005). Surgery for NIKE LATAM (2007).
D&AD: Shadows for Aerolineas Argentinas (2004)

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