Relaja el Coco

Relaja el Coco

Relaja el Coco

Relaxed graphic design studio.


Relajaelcoco is a relaxed graphic design studio based in Madrid founded by Pablo Galeano and Francesco Furno. Our purpose is to spread graphic design all over, improving talent and knowledge.

The studio name means relax your mind, and it’s how we develop each project: spreading good vibes, thanks to a strong methodology that helps us to provide the best experience to the client.

Relajaelcoco has experience in graphic design, illustration, infographics, editorial design, user experience and user interface.

Pablo and Francesco are also professors in different colleges and university teaching Infographics Design, Graphic Techniques, Editorial Design, Digital Painting, Packaging, Presentation Tools, Typography.

During the last 5 years we had the pleasure to collaborate with several companies and magazines worldwide such as: Men's Health, Fast Company, BBC UK, Wired UK, BBVA, Yorokobu magazine, Jot Down magazine, Mapping Residencies and many more.

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