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Strategic planning is absolutely key in the current high-competitive environment where brands fight to be relevant and to connect with consumers. The evasive audience and the media fragmentation make the role of a planner more important than ever in order to keep the brand coherence in the transmedia landscape where brands live today. So it is not a surprise that planners are now one of the most demanded and important roles in the communication industry.

Besides this, the old strategic thinking that is still taught in some universities and schools has radically changed and now is no longer enough for the daily challenges that brands and communication companies face on their daily basis. For this reason, at HOALA we think that the training of a planner must be updated and given by the best team formed by the most qualified and renowned planners in the world, offering to the attendee an unbeatable and mind-blowing training.


The objective of this course is not only to provide a powerful theoretical base, but also an actual practical implementation, focused on the day-to-day work of a planner and the tasks that a planner has to solve in order to practice the authentic role of a strategic planner.

This approach has the focus on the acquisition by the attendee of a set of skills that other planning courses don’t offer in order to transform them into professionals who believe in their intuition to solve communication problems, who are able to transform the information from the research phase into inputs that accelerate and inspire the creativity, idea communicators that inspire work teams and clients, professionals that deeply understand consumers giving a special weight to the research and investigation as the shortest and most reliable way to detect and find insights and, last but not least, hard-worker planners, enthusiastic professionals that are clear about what is the best fertilizer to their careers as strategic planners: a superior and world-class knowledge.


The course is structured in 11 intensive weeks where the best planners around the world will provide theoretical and practical knowledge to the attendee; besides their professional experience with the brands they work for everyday.

The course has an executive format, so attendees will be able to combine the coourse with their professional responsibilities. The weekly sessions will have the following structure:

- 4 hours session during the Friday afternoon (17:30-21:30 hrs) typically focused on theory and its practical implementation.
- 4 hours session during the Saturday morning (9:00-13:00 hrs) typically focused on case studies where the lecturer will show you the methodology and the strategic thinking behind the case.

Besides the class hours and if the lecturer considers it appropriate, the attendees will have to develop some homework during the week: read articles or books and prepare briefs or even research...


Strategic planners, account executives, creatives, designers, communication directors, brand managers and professionals who need a strategic process to develop their work. And in general, to any intuitive person, with experience in the creativity, communication or advertising field, open minded, willing to learn, live experiences, listen new point of views and fearless to the unknown and new.
It is not a mandatory to hold a university degree to attend this course.


The selection will be done based on the curriculum and a personal interview. The goal behind this process is to assure to every attendee high-level discussions and debates during every session. The experience that HOALA has collected during all of these years has showed us

that the quality of a course is not only on the content program or the lecturers but also on the level of the attendees and the debates created during every session.


The course is limited to 16 attendees in order to provide an exclusive, personalized and high quality training.


Every attendant will be ready to work on a strategic planning department at advertising agencies, BTL agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, branding and strategy consultants and brand marketing departments among others.

Professional Master Course in Account Planning. Hoala Amsterdam.
Content Program

11 intensive weeks
Executive Schedule
With the world's greatest planners
Small group


Content and Program Curator

Agustín brought last year the Hoala experience to the Dam with the first edition of the Hoala´s professional master in Account Planning where he was also part of the internationally recognized line up of lecturers. This experience allowed Agustin to apply all the learnings from the first edition to this renewed and powerful content program.

Agustín Soriano, Strategy Director at Forsman & Bodenfors. Gothenburg.

2nd-3rd September

The Account Planning. Introduction to the Account Planning role. What means to be a planner? Roles, tasks and profiles of a planner. What you have to read, listen, feel and know to become a better planner. A planner for tomorrow: main challenges and evolution.

Lecturer: Martin Weigel, Head of Strategic Planning Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

9th-10th September

The positioning. How to position brands today. Positioning vs. Purpose. How to find the difference for a brand. Positioning toolbox. Positioning & band management. Case studies.

Lecturer: Simon Wassef, Executive Strategy Director at R/GA London.

16th-17th September

Research in planning. What you should know about the most used research and investigation techniques in planning. How research is done at the best agencies. What happens when you don´t have time for research. When research can help you to uncover insights and inspire creativity. Case studies and examples.

Lecturer: Ben Armistead, Head of Planning at 180 Amsterdam

23th-24th September

Consumer Insights. What is an insight and what is not. Is an insight what you really need to connect with consumers? Where to detect insights. Tools and models. The unique Forsman & Bodenfors approach. How to use insights to inspire creativity and build your strategy.

Lecturer: Tobias Nordstrom, Head of Planning at Forsman & Bodenfors. Gothenburg.

30th Sept. - 1st October

How culture and commerce interact. Consumers and culture. How to listen and detect the behavior of a consumer using culture. How to detect waves and cultural movements and connect them with brands. Anthropologic and sociologic dimension of consumption. Case studies.

Lecturer: Omar Quiñones, Group Strategy Director at Anomaly. New York.

7th-8th October

Strategic conceptualization and the creative brief. The planner as the catalyst of the creativity. How to write better and more inspiring creative briefs. What a creative needs from a planner and what a planner needs from a creative. Presenting your creative brief: the briefing session.

Lecturer: Sarah Watson, Global Chief Strategy Officcer at BBH. New York.

21st-22nd October

Trends and future on planning. Digital planning. Major trends in communication and planning. Planning in a digital world. What is digital? What has digital changed for planning and communication? Hacking strategy. Design thinking workshops.

Lecturer: Gareth Kay. Partner at Chapter, San Francisco.

28th-29th October

Communications Planning.How to detect, prioritize and activate the touch points between brands and consumers. Brand planners vs. Comms planners. Design the campaign’s KPI’s. Consumer journey. Communications framework.

Lecturer: Julian Cole, Head of Communications Planning at BBDO New York.

4th-5th November

Effectiveness as the key ingredient. The effectiveness in advertising. When a campaign is effective. How to judge and reach effectiveness for a brand. Why planning is the key for effectiveness. How to build an unbeatable effectiveness case.

Lecturer: Jessica Lovell, Joint Head of Planning at Adam&EveDDB, London.

WEEK 10:
11th-12th November

How to present your strategy. How to present the strategy to clients. Strategy best practices. Case Studies and examples.

Lecturer: Rob Campbell, Head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy Shangai.

WEEK 11:
18th-19th November

Intensive Planning Workshop During this session, the attendees will apply all the learnings and acquired knowledge into practical cases to build strategies for real briefs in a final special workshop.

Lecturer: Aníbal Casso. Group Strategy Director at Droga5. New York.

*The dates of the sessions are subject to change dependent on the schedule of the lecturers

Group Completed!


APPLICATION PERIOD: Until July the 15th, 2016.
LIMITED VACANCIES: The course is limited to 16 attendees.



  • The HOALA Master in Account Planning made me remember how comfortable my current situation is and how nice it is to get out of that comfort zone again. In addition to this, the different international backgrounds of both students and lecturers benefit the course and the work you do together a lot.
    Anouke Jansen, Content & Community Manager at DDB Amsterdam
  • The Amsterdam Hoala Master Course in Account Planning gave our international class of 16 people an insight into 11 of the most interesting careers you can find in planning. A truly career changing experience for me. Now let's hope I can share such awesomeness in 20 years time myself.
    Sytse Kooistra, Senior Brand Planner at Isobar
  • As a young, somewhat inexperienced planner, I applied to this Master to get advice and tips on how to approach account planning. Initially, I mainly expected practical tools. Although I have learned some tools, the Master has taught me so much more. It has given me a broader view of the philosophy behind advertising, where the industry is going and what role an account planner can play in this. This is a result of 11 weeks of being inspired by and listening to some of the best planners in the world, but also the interactions with the highly talented other planners that participated the Master. It has been one hell of a ride. No matter how experienced you are, don't miss out on the opportunity of participating in this Master!
    Jeroen Senden, Strategy Manager at FHV BBDO