Nick Docherty

Nick Docherty

Nick Docherty

Head of Strategy at BETC, London.


Nick's a global strategist with over fifteen years experience working across every discipline and category there is. He's been fortunate enough to work with some of the best creative minds in the business and contributed to some of the world’s most effective, awarded campaigns - including Dove, Coke, Heineken, General Electric, Booking,com and Bud Light.

He started out learning how businesses tick as a management consultant, segued into planning to get closer to ideas, honed his strategic skills on global brands at Ogilvy, discovered what it takes to change behavior for good at Leo Burnett, found out what the sharp end of creativity looks like at W+K Amsterdam and, finally, moved across the Atlantic for a wider leadership role at W+K New York.

He's built brands, won pitches, managed teams, helped inspire award-winning creative work across multiple disciplines, proved its effectiveness, and had a lot of fun. Along the way he's come to the conclusion that it’s the people that count, ideas matter more than ever, perseverance is under-rated, and there’s no excuse for bullshit.

He's particularly proud of the thinking and work that led to his Cannes Effectiveness Grand Prix-winning paper for Heineken, and his IPA Effectiveness Award for the Department for Transport and THINK!

He currently lives in Brooklyn Heights with his wife and young son and can occasionally be found running very long distances - for fun.

You can meet him at Professional Master Course in Brand Strategy.
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