Master Account Planning


The language of the training is Spanish.
Strategic planning is absolutely key in the current high-competitive environment where brands fight to be relevant and to connect with its targets. The fragmented audience and the media multiplication make the role of a planner more important than ever in order to keep the coherence and the consistency in the transmedia communication that brands need nowadays. So it is not a surprise that planners are now one of the most demanded and important roles of the communication industry.

Besides this, the old strategic thinking that is still taught in some universities and schools has radically changed and now is no longer enough for the daily challenges that brands and communication companies face on their daily basis. For this reason, at HOALA we think that the training of a planner must be updated and given by the best team formed by the most qualified and renowned planners in the world, offering to the attendee an unbeatable training.


The objective of this course is not only to provide a powerful theoretical base, but also an actual practical implementation, focused on the day-to-day work of a planner and the tasks that a planner has to solve in order to practice the authentic role of a strategic planner. This approach has the focus on the acquisition by the attendee of a set of skills that other planning courses don’t offer: intuition to solve communication problems transforming information on inputs that accelerate and inspire the creativity, idea communicators to inspire work teams and clients, professionals that deeply understand consumers giving a special weight to the research and investigation as the shortest and most reliable way to detect and find insights and, last but not least, hard-worker planners, enthusiastic professionals that are clear about what is the best fertilizer to their careers as strategic planners: knowledge.


To achieve all of these objectives, the course is structured in 12 intensive weeks where the best national and international professionals will provide theoretical and practical doses to the attendee, besides their professional experiences with the brands they work with every day. This experience will be shared through workshops, inspiring chats, experiential sessions, etc.
The course has an executive format, so attendees could be able to combine the course with their professional responsibilities. The weekly sessions will have the following structure:

- 4 ½ hours session during the Friday afternoon (16:30-21:00 hrs).
- 4 hours session during the Saturday morning (9:30-13:30 hrs).

Besides the class hours and if the lecturer considers it appropriate, the attendees will have to develop some homework during the week: articles, books, briefs or investigations…


Strategic planners, account executives, creatives, designers, communication directors, brand managers and professionals who need a strategic process to develop their functions. And in general, to any intuitive person, with experience in the creativity, communication or advertising field, open minded, willing to learn, live experiences, listen new point of views and fearless to the unknown and new.
It is not a mandatory to hold a university degree to attend this course.


The selection will be done based on the curriculum, a motivation letter and even a personal interview if it is considered necessary by the management. The goal behind this process is to assure to every attendee to our course a high level class. The experience that HOALA has collected during all of these years has showed us that the quality of a course is not only on the content program or the lecturers but also on the attendees and the debates created every day.


At the end of the course, and in case of being successfully passed, a recognition certificate will be given to the attendee. Attendance: it is mandatory to attend class in order to receive the recognition certificate.


The course is limited to 16 attendees in order to provide an exclusive, personalized and high quality training.


Every attendant will be ready to work on a strategic planning department at advertising agencies, BTL agencies, media agencies, digital agencies, branding consultants and marketing departments of brands among others.

Professional Master in Account Planning. Hoala Valencia.
Content Program

12 intensive weeks
Executive Schedule
With the best national and international planners
Small group

Week 1:
2nd-3rd february

The Account Planning. Introduction to the Account Planning. What is a planner? Roles, tasks and profiles of a planner. What you have to read, listen, feel and know to become a better planner.

Lecturer: Jesús Melero, Strategy Director / Board Member APG. Spain.

Week 2:
9th-10th february

The positioning. The value a brand brings to differentiate and position a product or service. How to position and reposition a brand. Tools to build a brand’s positioning in a competitive environment.

Lecturer: Ugo Ceria, Crearive Strategist at Facebook, Paris.

Week 3:
16th-17th february

Research in planning. The most used research and investigation techniques in planning. Introduction to quantitative and qualitative research. Tools. What you have to learn and unlearn about research. Case studies and examples.

Lecturer: Sam Júdez, Managing Director at DDB Spain.

Week 4:
23rd-24th february

Comsumer-Insights.Observations vs. insights vs. beliefs. How to detect insights. Tools and main models. How to use insights to inspire creativity and build your strategy.

Lecturer: Juan Isaza, Strategic Planning / Social Media VP at DDB Latina. Miami.USA.

Week 5:
2nd-3rd march

How culture and strategy interact. How culture can be powerful to make brand relevant. Consumers and culture. How to detect waves and cultural movements and connect them with brands. Anthropologic and sociologic dimension of consumption. Case studies.

Lecturer: Nuria Serrano, Head of Strategic Planning de VCCP Spain.

Week 6:
9th-10th march

Effectiveness as the key ingredient. The effectiveness in advertising. How to judge and reach effectiveness. Why planning is the guardian of effectiveness. How to prepare a strategy case for festivals.

Lecturer: Pablo Vazquez Cagiao. Socio Director at Collaborabrands, Spain

Week 7:
23rd-24th march

Brand Strategic management. From the brand creation process to the brand management over time. What means a brand today. Brand architecture.

Lecturer: Jesús Fuertes, Vicepresidente, Estrategia e Innovación at TBWA Spain.

Week 8:
20th-21st april

Strategy in digital media and Comms Planning. Digital revolution, new opportunities.How to detect, prioritize and activate the touch points between brands and consumers. Brand planners vs. Comms planners. Design the campaign’s KPI’s. Consumer journey. Communications framework.

Lecturer: Anna Roca, Strategic Planning Director at BBDO, Spain.

Week 9:
4th may

The Account Planning in new disciplines: Business, Start-Ups and Brand Venturing. A new approach. Involvement in the client’s business. Risks and profits. New work process with planners in the leading role.

Lecturer: Marco Vega, Creative driven Strategist and Co-Founder at We Believers, NY. USA.

Week 10:
11st-12nd may

Strategic conceptualization and the creative brief. The planner as the catalyst of the creativity. How to write better and more inspiring strategic concepts. How to write the perfect creative brief. What a creative need from a planner. Presenting your creative brief: the briefing session.

Lecturer: Gem Romero, Head of Planning at Hello-LOLA, Lowe and Partners. Spain.

Week 11:
18th-19th may

How to present your strategy. How to present the strategy to clients. Strategy best practices. Case Studies and examples.

Lecturer: Oriol Bombi, Head of Strategic Planning & Founder atThe Cyranos // McCann

Week 12:
26th-27th may

Intensive Planning Workshop. During this session, the attendees will apply all the learnings and acquired knowledge into practical cases to build strategies for real briefs in a final special workshop.

Lecturer: Aníbal Casso,Group Strategy Director at 72andSunny. New York. USA.

*The dates of the sessions are subject to change dependent on the schedule of the lecturers

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Former students’ opinions

  • Mi experiencia dentro del curso será inolvidable. Compartir con mentes brillantes sus vivencias y experiencias abre mi mente, me muestra nuevos caminos para construir una diferenciación necesaria en la comunicación. El mundo cambia y proyectos como este son los que dan una herramienta para estar al frente de este cambio. Gracias!
    Paola Lagos, Planer estratégico en DDB Colombia.
  • Haber participado en el master ha sido lo mejor que he hecho y lo que más me ha llenado profesionalmente desde hace mucho tiempo.
    Agustín Soriano, Founder & Executive Strategic Brand Planner en Rosebud
  • Me quedo con la lección de poder ver y analizar las cosas desde otro punto de vista más fresco e inteligente. Estoy muy contento por haber participado de esta experiencia durante todos estos meses.
    Santiago Lapeña, Fundador y Director Artístico de Bit&You
  • Es una visión estratégica increíble, vista desde diferentes puntos de vista, formas de trabajar y de pensar. Enhorabuena y muchas gracias por todo. Ha sido una experiencia increíble. Lo pienso recomendar con mucho gusto a todos mis conocidos.
    Ignacio Mas, Ejecutivo de cuentas en Grupo Ares
  • Ha sido una gran apuesta profesional. Me llevo muchos apuntes, muchas ideas, muchos caminos para andar, mucha energía y muchas ganas de crear cambio. Y me quedo con muchas sensaciones y reflexiones de personas y profesionales de altura. Gracias por la oportunidad de traernos a casa tanta luz.
    Alex Rubio, Planner, on/off&Innovation Marketing Strategist. Cofounder AdictosSM. Hootsuite & Clandestina Ambassador.
  • Todavía flipo de cómo habéis conseguido juntar a todos estos cracks, sobre todo los que vienen de tan lejos, para darnos este master. Enhorabuena!
    Vicente Malo, Director creativo y de estrategia en Malo Branding
  • Me ha gustado mucho el máster, creo que me ha servido de mucho!
    Isabel López, Directora Digital y Nuevas Tecnologías en Publips
  • Para mí ha sido un gran descubrimiento tanto a nivel profesional como personal, una experiencia 10!!
    Rosa Martín, Ejecutiva de Cuentas en AGR
  • En resumen... el Master ha cumplido de sobra con mis expectativas! Y lo que para nada me esperaba, y lo digo de corazón, era encontrar a este grupo de personas! Moláis mucho!! Yo ya lo he recomendado ;-)
    David Verdoy, Planner y Director de Cuentas en Dadá Publicidad
  • Puedo decir que me siento afortunado por haber podido compartir mesa con tanto crack…Ha sido un verdadero placer participar en este master… y me doy cuenta de que por encima de egos y cuentas hay algo mucho más especial que son las personas…
    Jordi Llinares, Strategic Creative Director at Delorean by d6
  • No me esperaba ni de casualidad la calidad que ha tenido el máster, felicidades por vuestro trabajo!
    Jose Ugedafita, Director de Ugedafita.
  • Quería felicitaros porque pienso que habéis hecho un trabajo excelente. Que habéis aportado, con vuestra formación, un valor a Dadá que no hubiésemos podido conseguir de ninguna otra manera.
    Enrique Pernía, Director de Dadá Publicidad
  • A quien le guste y apasione la publicidad, le supondrá un privilegio poder acceder a los mecanismos de generación de estrategias e ideas creativas.
    Tomás Llorens, ‎Jefe de equipo en Mediaedgecia
  • Ha sido un privilegio poder participar de este Máster. Muchas ideas nuevas, puntos de vista diferentes, grandes profesionales y compañeros. Me ha servido para ordenar y abrir mi mente para dar un paso adelante. ¡Una experiencia increíble y 100% recomendable!
    Eva Marí, Directora de Marketing de Kuombo.
  • El master te ayuda a pensar mejor y con mayor seguridad, la realización de este master ha supuesto para mi cambiar mi modo de pensar y actuar.
    Salva Dàries, Director Creativo de New Branding