Jordi Pont

Jordi Pont

Jordi Pont

Global Brand Communications Senior Director at Nike, Portland.


Jordi Pont currently works at Wieden+Kennedy, as Group Account Director on Heineken, Desperados and Previously Jordi worked for 2 years as Managing Director at DoubleYou Madrid. He first joined the Amsterdam office in 2008 as Account Director, leading the Nike Football global account and the multiple award-winning Nike ‘Write The Future’ campaign.

My background is in finance but I decided to reject a contract with a Bank to work on a weird place named DoubleYou as accounting assistant. I just felt that the people working over there were enjoying their work 10 times better than my colleagues at the bank.

I actually ended working at DoubleYou for almost 10 years, I felt lucky to have the privilege to work with an amazing group of talented people that are a relevant part of digital communication story (if there is something named like this). We mastered dhtml code, lead the flash revolution and actually built some interactive magic from a very small, under-resourced, independent crazy digital creative shop in the heart of Barcelona.

Given some serious issues in my back I finished my Basketball career (not a very successful one but a fun ride for sure) when I was 28th, since then I tried to keep my body in a good shape (not an easy one with kids and working in advertising) playing beach volley (specially in summer), football goalkeeper (not bad at all) + running (that I hate as I'm a man for a collective sports). My last acquisition is a riding bike (1995 vintage one), lets see how it goes.

I have two kids that are the light of my life and a Portuguese girlfriend that I wonder everyday why she is still in love with me.

I left DoubleYou in 2008 to move to W+K Amsterdam to fully lead the 2010 World Cup campaign for Nike. I left friends, family and a job that I loved, but you know it was Nike, World Cup, W+K and I’m a football freak… so I needed to do it.

After 4 months at W+K I thought they would fired me. I barely could understand my client and they barely could understand me. Not jokes here.

Let me be a bit a bit selfish here but I think I’m one of the few account people with 3 Grand prix at Cannes, one for digital, one for film and one for effectiveness and all of them for different clients and different project and yes I feel lucky to have had the privilege to work on such a great teams and projects.

I left W+K two years later after “Write the future” went live. I left a happy team and a happy client. I think all of them felt good about not firing me before.

I truly believe that in this industry luck only find those that work hard and live for this job.

I went back to DoubleYou but this time to Madrid as an MD over there. It was a growing experience, but I realized that the agency, the clients and the overall industry was afraid of risk, afraid of making brave calls and I was not ready for that.

W+K called me back to pitch for the MD position, it did not worked but I ended there leading the HNK and Booking accounts and I have to say it been a wild and crazy ride until today.

Some projects that I'm proud of:

- Nike, WC2012, Write The future : link
- Atrapalo: link
- All brand work and recent tactical for
- Heineken Legends campaign, I,e: link
- Umbro:link
- Pepejeans (ecommerce platform): link
- Umbro, ATH: link
- Nike, Sportswear: link
- Microsoft , Hotmail: link

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