Jesús Melero

Jesús Melero

Jesús Melero

Communications ans brand strategy consultant.


I'm Jesus, a tea, green, culture, nordic life-style, instagram, mags and travelling lover, that works in communication and creative projects. I work thinking and defining what brands and companies have to believe, do and tell, to achieve an interesting, innovative and relevant market and cultural position.
I love to work in the intersection between strategy and creativity, making brands get into culture. I trust in strategy and creativity as one; living and growing together. Only in that way the best ideas happen.
I love people. I love big ideas. I love to think and create. I love design. I love museums. I love to ask questions. I love social culture. I love the space out of the box. I love interesting people, places and stuff. I love Muji, Apple and Starbucks. I love to observe. I love to make people happy and comfortable. I love challenges. I love to share my passion.
I'm focused on new business development, global brands and millennial & young targets' insights and values; with good speaking skills and pitch capabilities.I feel comfortable working in team and multidisciplinary environments.
During the last years I have been specialised in communication strategy working as a creative planner in advertising agencies (Digital strategy consulting, Y&R, Sra. Rushmore [WPP Creative United Group] and dommo).
I have experience as a teacher and speaker, collaborating in advertising & design classes, and in advertising publications.
I'm always open to new and amazing projects.

You can meet him at Master in Account Planning
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Jesús Melero, Brand&Innovation Strategist en Dommo, y Agustín Soriano, Strategy Director en JWT Amsterdam y Director de contenidos del Master in Account Planning, mantienen una interesante conversación sobre planning.