Free masterclass: WTF is Web3?

WTF is Web3?

HOALA is glad to invite you to this free masterclass “WTF is Web3? A whistle stop tour of the main components of web3: NFTs, tokens, DAOs…” with Zoe Scaman, Strategy lead, Founder at Bodacious & co-founder at MCX, London.

WTF is Web3?

“Web3" seems to be the term on everyone’s lips nowadays.

On the one hand, it implies total digital decentralization, an Internet run on blockchain, a place where we operate in self-determined communities united by individual stakeholding, rather than around uber-platforms such as Google and Facebook.

But, on the other hand, the concept is remarkably amorphous, a collection of diverse ideas vaguely having to do with cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTS) and other new tools for self-expression, engagement and commerce.

Zoe will bring a whistle stop tour of the main components of Web3 (NFTs, tokens, decentralized orgs...), how it’s manifesting and what the opportunities could be, so we as communication professionals can be well informed and our brand’s web3 initiatives be more than short-term fluff.

This masterclass is open and for free for everyone to enjoy. To join us, please complete the registration form. If you can’t join us live, sign up and we’ll send you the recording.

May, 26th.
18:00h CET (Central Europe Time Zone)

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ZOE SCAMAN, Strategy lead, Founder at Bodacious & Co-founder at MCX, London.